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Mats Ottdal  |  http://jeksel.com

Mats Ottdal is a multidisciplinary Designer / Art Director with an additional passion for illustration and typography. After 8 years experience working closely with local and international clients, Mats Ottdal is currently working with design projects for agencies in Oslo, London and New York, mostly within branding and packaging design. In the past 2 years, Mats Ottdal has worked on design projects for clients like Nestea, Virgin, Havaianas, The Coca-Cola Company, Absolut Vodka and Nike.

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Polygonal Captain America. 

Polygonal Captain America. 

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The Chicago Neighborhoods Project

Steve Shanabruch jump started a personal project where he’s in the process of branding all 77 of Chicago’s Neighborhoods.

I, for one, think this is brilliant and am secretly hoping that this project expands into a t-shirt/souvenir line. (Because I’m cheesy like that).

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‘Success is the greatest revenge’ Pieter Ceizer


‘Success is the greatest revenge’ Pieter Ceizer

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Travel Posters for Lazy People

by H. Caldwell Tanner

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